Saturday, February 2, 2008

Whats going on here?

Kenny George the 7'7" shot blocking fiend from UNC Asheville, not only is he the tallest player in college basketball, but in his previous life he was known as Andre the Giant wrestling the likes of Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior.

Then there is Bambale Osby whose hair looks like a mix between Tina Turner and Kid n Play. I mean come on Bambale either go with the flat top or go with the afro it's not that hard to choose.

The other night I was watching a game between Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. It was a great game as all rivalry games usually are, but I got to thinking what is Sean Sutton doing on the sideline coaching. He looks like he should be out in the forest with his identical twin Elmer Fudd hunting some wabbits!!

It took me a long time but I figured out why Eric Gordon is such a good basketball player. No one else on the court has Jedi powers from which he inherited along with his looks from his father Yoda (now it all makes sense where he got that jump shot from)!!!!

Now it comes to the best names in college basketball history, and if you have any to add please feel free:
1) God Shamgod - One of Providences best players, and not to mention probably the best name in college basketball ever. God was so good he even has moves that I have used in pick-up games named after him.

2) Pops Mensah Bonsu - A year when George Washington only had 2 loses going into the tournament and they were seeded 8th (correct me if I am wrong) out emerged this athletic freak on the court who could jump higher and get more rebounds then anyone on the court. Pops played the 06-07 season with the Mavericks and was cut by them earlier this year.

3) Parfait Bitee - I found this great name while watching a Rhode Island bball the other day on ESPN Full Court. Not only with this guy named after a frozen snack but its amazing he has a pretty decent shot!!!

Any way big day today for the Bloggers our two favorite teams go at it Duke vs. Miami (at cameron) Probably will be a blow out, but either way the twelve pack that will be sitting next to me will taste fantastic.

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