Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hey There Hot Stuff

How hot is Erin Andrews? She takes interviewing coaches and players to a whole new level. Although she loves to do the, “I’m not paying attention but as long as your mouth is moving I’ll keep nodding my head,” move, we still love to watch her work. This former University of Florida dance team hottie has been a sideline reporter for our beloved college basketball since 2004. In 2008 she was named, “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster by Playboy,” and also serves as a reporter for ESPN college football and Major League Baseball. Any woman, who can rattle on about sports and look good doing it, is our kind of woman.
Speaking of our kind of woman, I think we may have found Erin’s new understudy. In case you don’t watch Women’s Basketball or the Miss Teen USA pageant (who doesn’t), let us introduce you to Alexandra LaForce. Better known as Allie LaForce, this Freshman Point Guard on the Ohio University basketball team is on record saying her dream job is to become a commentator for ESPN. Well Sweetheart, you already have the looks, so stay hot and smile for the camera because ESPN will come calling.

We know they love their commenting cuties and if Allie has any public speaking skills, which we know she does, her on the sideline for ESPN within 10 years is a bigger lock then Mr. Alcindor being named ESPN’s best college basketball player of all time. So here is your new assignment Erin, make Allie look as hot as you do with a microphone in her hand, pose in Playboy with Allie in a spread called, “ESPN Babes Bear it All,” and tell Bruce Pearl to keep his greasy hands off you ass. If you could accomplish those tasks and have them on our desk by tomorrow afternoon we would appreciate it, thanks.

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