Saturday, February 16, 2008

Watch out Tropicana we have some other Oranges on the Rise!

I am a big fan of rivalries and when it comes to the Big East, this rivalry is the best. Georgetown University Hoyas vs. Syracuse University Orange regardless of who wins, and what the score is, I know this game is going to be a battle, and be very physical.

1st half
This game started off like any other big east game, very slow and no one could score. The Cuse had a very good strategy to start the game (ATTACK HIBERT!!) at one point it was an 8-8 ball game before Syracuse decided to bring the intensity up a couple notches, and bring the home crowd into the game. I step out for a minute to grab some food, and I come back and the score is 36-17 WOW. At this point I don’t think The Cuse has to even score again to win this game. The Hoyas only score about 48 points a game (ok ill give them 55). The first half is over now, and if it weren’t for a few late buckets, then The Hoyas would be down over 20, I guess 16 isn’t that much better.

2nd half
Hoyas start the half off quickly with 2 buckets, but The Orange are quick to respond. A real rollercoaster of a half with the Hoyas cutting the lead to 7 on two different occasions, but every time the Cuse answers with a run of their own to get the lead back up to 15. Georgetown was kept in the game by great 3-point shooting by Jon Wallace who hit 6 three’s (6 Three’s!) But it was the Orange with their young talent of Paul Harris, Donte Green, and Johnny Flynn who carried The Cuse to the upset victory. A huge victory for the Orange who got to finally put that signature win on their NCAA Tournament Card.

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