Thursday, February 7, 2008

Quick Big East Thoughts...

Although I’ve always preferred watching ACC games, I think I would rather watch a Big East game this season. As I just watched Pitt stun WVU at the buzzer it came to me that every Big East conference game is both fun to watch and crazy. It also occurred to me after watching last night’s game between Syracuse and UConn that the Big East is the conference to watch this year. Now don’t get me confused as to saying that the Big East will produce the national champion because I’m not saying that at all.

Some games that quickly come to mind would be Rutgers shocking Villanova, Cincy blowing out WVU, Seton Hall beating Louisville, St Joes beating Villanova, Louisville beating Marquette, every game has a story line and has lived up to it.

Georgetown has a conference leading 9-1 record but is followed closely by Notre Dame, UConn, and Louisville. I would almost go so far as to compare the Big East to College Football this year. College Football this year was so much fun to watch in part because on any given day anyone could beat anyone. Big East b-ball is shaping up to be all College Football was and more. College Football only had about 3 possible champions while the Big East has potentially 6. I don’t see Syracuse or WVU running the table and I don’t see every team above them slipping so far as to allow the Cuse or the Mountaineers to slip into the top stop. College Football also doesn’t have a playoff system to straighten things out at the end either, so there’s another leg up for the Big East.

Now I’m not talking about the Big East tournament here I’m talking about the regular season. Should you need a reminder on how crazy the Big East tourney can be just google, “Gerry McNamara 2005-2006.” Now do you remember?

While were on the Big East, anyone know what the hell happened to Villanova? Actually I might have an answer. I think one could some it up by simply saying that they ran into a rough part of their schedule and just couldn’t tread water. But just like the ACC is every year there is no real cakewalk game in the Big East either. This is in no way an excuse for their terrible play but if you break up their last 10 games it makes a little sense. They opened conference play with Depaul, then Pitt, Cincy, Depaul, and then Syracuse. That little stretch could tire a weak team out and obviously it did. Then pile a big laziness let up at Rutgers with Notre Dame, Pitt, and Syracuse, and you’ve got problems. Last but not least you’re face to face with a cross-town rival with nothing to lose and that spells, Season Over. Big win for St. Joes, even bigger loss for Nova.

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