Monday, February 18, 2008

Lions, Tigers, and Bears OOO MY!!!

Since it’s a slow night in college basketball in my eyes, with Louisville, and Xavier winning already and Texas and Texas A&M playing now, I thought I would take this blog in a different directions, and talk about something fun. The top 10 coolest Division I mascots. If you were to ask me any Division I schools mascot I am confident that I would guess it correctly. Lets start it off:

10) UMKC Kangaroos – Who doesn’t like a Kangaroo, hell I guarantee if a girl were to ask you what your favorite animal was, and you said a Kangaroo, she would respond with an “AWWWWW”

9) UC Santa Barbara Gauchos – I don’t know what a Gaucho is, but it sounds pretty cool. This team could probably have the coolest mascot if they were to keep the old Banana Slug.

8) Jacksonville Dolphins – Who doesn’t love a nice dolphin, we just aren’t sure if it’s a bottle nose or if its just a porpoise.

7) North Florida Ospreys – Ok this team doesn’t have the best record in the world they are 2-23 but guess what (They have an Osprey backing them up).

6) Campbell Fighting Camels – If I hadn’t been on a camel before I would say there are no such things as fighting camels, but the thing tried biting me so we will give it some love.

5) Southern Illinois Salukis – I swear that this school stole their mascot from the never ending story, it looks exactly like that flying dragon/dog Falcor.

4) Murray State Racers – It basically looks like the polo horse racing over the letter “M” that’s cool enough to make my list.

3) South Carolina Gamecocks – Wouldn’t be a mascot list with out this amazing mascot, no teenage boy in their right mind grew up with out a “COCKS” hat.

2) Wichita State Shockers – A shocker we all know what that is, even Bob Saget knows what a Shocker is!

1) Western Kentucky Hilltoppers – This thing is sooo cool, it looks like a mix between a Bear and the Kool-Aid guy “ OOOOO YEAHHH”


rhymeister said...
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rhymeister said...

The Banana Slugs are UC Santa Cruz! ; )

MaxxGSann said...
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