Tuesday, February 26, 2008

NBA Stars in the Making

The debate has already begun. Before the discussion becomes a Sportscenter special every other day, we thought we’d put in our two sense. Although this years draft may not have many, right out of the gate, impact players, we feel this years draft is filled with young talent. To stay within our expertise, we will only list players playing for a college program this year. Here are 5 college players in no apparent order, that we feel could have long, exciting to watch NBA careers.

Derrick Rose

Being compared to NBA stars such as Baron Davis and Jason Kidd, this 6’4 point guard has many attributes to give us good reason to believe he will be around for a long time. He has great size, tremendous quickness, and remarkable athleticism. With that athleticism though comes some wild shots and out of control turnovers. If he can limit his turnovers and improve his perimeter shooting, watch out. Being able to run a John Calipari offense, possibly the best offense Calipari has every coached, as a Freshman, also gives us the indication that he has the smarts and mental ability to lead an NBA team for years to come.

Michael Beasley
Kansas State

An obvious choice by many to be this years #1 pick, and for good reason. He is young, big, explosive, and athletic as hell. He is also averaging 26 points and 12 rebounds per game as a Freshman, in the Big 12 no less. Beasley also broke and is continuing to shatter the NCAA mark for Double Doubles as a Freshman which is quite an accomplishment seeing present NBA stud Carmelo Anthony held the record. Even though he needs to grow up, choose better shots, get back on defense more, and ease up on the ref bitching, we feel he may still make the leap to the NBA. Another year of college basketball could do wonders for him and it looks like he may come back, then again being the youngest player on his NBA team should make him mature quickly.

Brook Lopez

This kid has NBA superstar written all over him. He is tall, lean, can run the floor, and best of all has great hands. His big feet and his lack of ability to explode to the rim could bring him down a peg or two. Brook can also hit a turnaround jump shot on a consistent basis and what we especially like is his ability to knock down the hook shot. This kid is also at the ideal weight for his size, not to chubby and not just skin and bones. He also has tons of potential on the defensive side. We feel he must improve in this aspect to make a quick impact in the NBA. He is very mature though and with his skills now and a little growth on the defensive side he will shine for an NBA team.

Jerryd Bayless

Jerryd Bayless will be a star. He may not have the best shot selection but with his range, who cares. He can spot up from anywhere on the court at anytime. Bayless has a terrific first step, is quick enough to blow by almost anyone, and his ability to jump through the roof shouldn’t bother scouts. We can also tell that he loves the game and has the willingness to learn. This is a vital attribute that players must have going into the NBA. The only problem we see is that he likes to handle the rock, but isn’t sure if he wants to play the point. Like Beasley, another year in college could pay huge dividends for Jerryd. NBA scouts are drooling over this kids potential and you know what, they should be.

DeAndre Jordan
Texas A&M

Don’t let the fact that this kid comes off the bench fool you. Jordon is huge, has so much potential, and is one of the most athletic 7 footers we’ve ever seen. He can flat out dominate in the paint, and has no problem bodying up with anyone. We feel it may take a while for this kid to really become the star he can be, but hey what’s the rush. He is 19 and if you need a reminder of how athletic he is click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGW0zoGGpvQ. DeAndre will be great, possibly Dwight Howard great. The only problem we see is that he is skinny, has absolutely no range (yet), and really isn’t all that confident. So DeAndre, hit the weight room, keep practicing those 18 footers, and just have some faith, then watch as the confidence part takes care of itself. Congratulations to the team that wins his services.

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