Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Minnesota & Vander-Built shitty Basketball Courts

There are many things in life that I love, for example: Lobster (my favorite food), Heidi Klum (the most beautiful woman in the world), and of course watching college basketball (that’s the reason we have this Blog). For all of those 3 things I love, there are actually things I dislike about them also. I dislike Lobster because it is so hard to break into it and actually eat it, I hate Heidi Klum because I am not waking up next to her every morning, and I hate college basketball because of 2 reasons:

1) Memorial Gymnasium

2) Williams Arena

Memorial Gymnasium: I was watching the Vandy vs. Kentucky game last night which was one of the worst basketball games I have seen in my life. Kentucky lost by 41 points, and people call this basketball program one of the best of all time (YEAH RIGHT). That’s beside the point because I am going to blame the 41 point loss on the gym itself. First off it looks like the court is on a platform/stage, and the fans must have the most ridiculous view ever, and secondly what coach in their right mind wants to coach a game behind the back board. One of the poorest designed gyms I have ever seen in my life (The only time I would ever step foot in that place, is if Heidi Klum asked me on a date to eat lobster with her on center court).

Williams Arena: There is not one good thing going on at this Basketball Arena, even the State it’s located in is pretty boring (they lost the best thing that happened to them Johan Santana). Any time you see a player have to climb upstairs to get on the basketball court you know that it’s a crappy court. As seen in this picture, we can tell why Tubby Smith decided to coach at Minnesota, because when he is sitting on the bench you can only see half of his body.

Hopefully these two schools will soon realize that when it looks like you have an indoor track around your basketball court, you should probably build a new one.


VaPirate said...

I disagree with your comments about Memorial Gym. It is the most unique venue in the sport and a great place to see a game. So what if the benches are behind the baskets. They have been there for over 50 years and are there primarily because Kentucky HC Adolph Rupp lobbied for them to be where they are.

RMM said...

You're an idiot. Have you ever seen a game at Memorial Gym? It is one of the best places to see a college basketball game. There are no bad seats. It is also one of the toughest place for visiting teams to play. It has nothing to do with the benches either.