Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Big Time, Big Impact, Pre Conference Tournament-Warm up Games

Ok serious question, who do you think is more scared at the moment, this dog or some of the teams playing this weekend? I know it's stupid but I thought this picture was perfect when trying to describe how some of the teams on the bubble feel right now. Back to the question, if we had to guess we would probably say some of the teams playing this weekend are more afraid. Think about it, if this chair were to break, at least the dog has a shot at survival. Now when compared to this weeks remaining games, if those teams that are on the bubble crumble, they will not only lose all chance of survival in this densley populated bubble watch but will also have to resort to kicking and squealing come conference tournament time.

There are only a few games this weekend that we feel could have a big impact on the NCAA Tournament. That was obviously a joke, we count about 58 games or so that could, make or break some teams come a week from Sunday. We also thought, just incase you arent doing anything but watching college ball the rest of the week and this weekend, here is a list of the major impact games to come.


UConn vs. Providence 7:00 Arizona St. vs. Oregon 8:30
Michigan St. vs. Illinois 9:00 Xavier vs. St Joes 9:00
Cal vs. USC 10:30 Stanford vs. UCLA 11:00


Bradley vs. Creighton 3:35
Northern Iowa vs. Southern Illinois 9:35


WVU vs. St. Johns 12:00 Miami vs. FSU 12:00
Louisville vs. Georgetown 12:00 UAB vs. Memphis 1:00
Baylor vs. Texas Tech 1:30 St Joes vs. Dayton 2:00
Stanford vs. USC 2:00 Vanderbilt vs. Alabama 2:00
Missouri vs. Oklahoma 3:30 Wisconsin vs. Northwestern 3:30
Cal vs. UCLA 3:30 LSU vs. Mississippi St. 4:00
Marquette vs. Syracuse 4:00 Kansas vs. Texas AM 4:00
Temple vs. LaSalle 4:00 Utah vs. UNLV 4:00
Ole Miss vs. Georgia 4:00 Kansas St. vs. Iowa St. 4:00
Cincinnati vs. UConn 4:00 New Mexico vs. Colorado St. 5:30
Arizona St. vs. Oregon St 5:30 Auburn vs. Arkansas 6:00
Notre Dame vs. South Florida 7:00 UMass vs GW 7:30
BYU vs. TCU 8:00 UNC vs. Duke 9:00
Houston vs. UTEP 9:35 Arizona vs. Oregon 10:30


Florida vs. Kentucky 12:00 Depaul vs. Pitt 12:00
Michigan St. vs. Ohio St. 12:00 Virginia Tech vs. Clemson 1:30
South Carolina vs. Tennessee 2:00 Purdue vs. Michigan 4:00
Oklahoma St. vs. Texas 4:00 Kent St. vs. Akron 6:00
Maryland vs. Virginia 7:30

Now all you need is a TV guide, a big ass satelite, some food, and a few kegs on ice, and your weekend is set. Have fun.

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